April-May work

In April and May we tried new materials and techniques (soft pastels, a group painting, paper mache) – we continued collage, pencil drawing and working in clay. A lot of great art was made – large-scale, colourful, technical, observant…



More images of Exhibition

Well done everyone! Here are some more photos that I took before taking down the exhibition in the XL gallery. So wonderful 🙂 People in the department keep telling me how much they enjoyed going round and how strong the work was 🙂

I hope the opportunity to see your work in three different spaces (XL gallery, Segedunum and separately – removed from gallery) will inspire and move you forward with your art! I know that seeing everyone’s work in the sessions and in the exhibitions has really made me think about my own art and has inspired me to work in different ways. I find after presenting my work to lots of people it can be overwhelming and I enjoy giving myself some time/space to quietly reflect in my sketchbook.

Good luck, thank you and keep pushing your art and exploring all its potential! – The journey has only just begun

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